Ok, so there’s an evolving story with J. It is scary to think that this has been going on for so long. Some twelve years ago we were coworkers. Then by some strange will of the universe we became lovers (not a couple, though). We had kind of agreed that as soon as one of us finds their love we will end our relationship. I was the first to meet somebody. And I told J about it just as we had agreed. And so it was time for us to break up. But I suggested to only end our bodily relationship and otherwise remain friends. Because I don’t understand why you should lose a friend of you stop sleeping with somebody. He said that it was impossible, that things never go this way and we will probably never even talk to each other again. But we remained friends. Until this day. Sometimes we would go back to having sex. Sometimes we wouldn’t see each other for years. But we keep being friends. And I love this about us.
With all the storms that have been going on in my life for the past several years J and I had become distant (althouh I would always have nice memories about this person. No strings attached but at the same time warm feelings to this person at those rare times that I would think about him. If you know what I mean).
Recently the distance between us just collapsed like an old brick wall.
To be continued…

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