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God’s dolls

One day, when my child no.1 was just five, child no.1 said to me on a random car ride: “You know, we are all just God’s dolls. He pulls the strings that we’re tied to and this is how we live our lives.” I was blown away. Especially having in mind that we are not very religious and I seldom tell my kids anything about God. And child no.1 was five, yes…


Make believe

I’ve read an article about a contemporary Chinese artist Zhou Tiehai. He discovered that “the most important thing in the art world in general was to get people to believe you were famous, no matter what you might do to support that.” Loved the idea! Oftentimes, indeed, it is not about who you are but about what others think you are. Or about what you feel you are. You feel equals you make them believe.